Surgical Services

As a fellowship trained ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Durboraw offers a unique set of surgical skills to our region which prior to her arrival were not available. Her areas of expertise are in problems involving the eyelids, orbits and tear ducts. 

Dr. Durboraw commonly addresses problems of the eyelids with surgery, from excess eyelid skin and drooping eyelids to malpositions of the eyelids. Skin cancer of the eyelids and surrounding area can become a complex reconstructive undertaking and there is no one more qualified than Dr. Durboraw for the surrounding region. 

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Non-Surgical Services

Center for Aesthetics is a nationally ranked provider of aesthetic services and a leader in the industry in Idaho and Wyoming. Dr. Durboraw and her hand selected, personally trained staff offer a variety of in-office cosmetic procedures to improve skin quality and to address specific aging concerns of the face. Dr. Durboraw’s consultations are individualized to your specific needs and she is known for her insight as well as honesty regarding the right path for her patients. Over the years, Dr. Durboraw has come to classify her treatments into one of two categories – These categories are nicknamed “Quick Fixes” and “Golden Wait a Whiles”. These easily understandable categories make it easier for the individual to make informed decisions as to what treatments to select and when.

I have been enjoying the amazing service and friendship that Center for Aesthetics has provided for me in the last few years, there is no other place I would go !!! I absolutely LOVE Dr. D and all of the staff, You will be seeing me again soon, All My love and much more. When it comes to wanting to preserve the look of Your Youth, this is the place to be, Don’t grow old gracefully, stay young forever with Center for Aesthetics !!! Sincerely Sandi

sandio, Idaho Falls,

I love going to the Jackson office!!!!! Everyone is so cheerful, helpful, and they make me feel like I’m part of their family!!! 

sharonc, Kelly,

Everyone was so friendly the minute I entered the office. Dr. D. w10%20%as great! She answered my questions and acted on what she thought immediately. She personally contacted me with results and I was able to get right back in for another appointment. I love her attitude, knowledge and just the general feeling she left me with.

pamelam, Idaho Falls,

As always, Dr. Catherine always recommends the procedures that work best for me and always asks my budget before we start. I’m extremely pleased with the latest results.

cjb, Jackson,

Dr. Durboraw and her team were very professional yet highly personable. When I arrived I was anxious, but her nurse immediately put me at ease with casual conversation and reassurance. Dr. Durboraw’s bedside manner is super. She made me laugh and I felt connected to them versus being just another procedure. I definitely recommend the Center for Aesthetics for all your cosmetic needs or desires.