CFA Complexion Perfection

Complexion Perfection: Glow-From-Within Skin

CFA’s Complexion Perfection is a revitalizing series of facial treatments targeting the surface creating skin that’s so smooth and supple, it just glows!
As we age, cell turnover slows down and environmental stressors like sun damage and pollution take their toll. Skin starts to look dull with uneven tone and texture. What if you could restore healthy skin, repairing sun damage and revealing your youthful, smooth and radiant skin again?

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With CFA’s Complexion Perfection, you can! We’ve designed a unique combination protocol to restore skin’s vibrance, keeping it fresh and glowing.

  • The Clear + Brilliant is our most popular complexion perfection laser: it removes older, damaged skin to reveal brighter appearing, younger skin. It helps to prevent the early signs of aging, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens tone and texture and restores health to your skin – all in a gentle, no downtime treatment. Clear + Brilliant laser produces thousands of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin. An additional benefit of this laser is that your fresh skin surface can better absorb our scientifically proven topicals, majorly boosting their effects. No longer will your expensive skin care products sit on the surface of your face, unable to go where they can do the most good.
  • Our HydraFacial complements your Clear + Brilliant treatments. It is a three-in-one facial treatment that completely reinvigorates skin. It cleanses, exfoliates and infuses skin with intensive serums. Unlike traditional dermabrasion, which takes a rough, gritty approach to resurfacing, this gentle approach ‘vacuums’ pores while pushing in potent actives, to moisturize, brighten, plump and protect. HydraFacials become a routine component of your health skin regimen.
  • Fraxel laser resurfacing is reserved for advanced skin renewal and restoring health to severely sun damaged tissue. The Fraxel laser is similar to Clear + Brilliant but goes deeper and stimulates cellular renewal in the deep layers of the skin, even healing areas of pre-cancerous activity and replacing sun damaged tissue with healthy, beautiful skin.

Make CFA’s Complexion Perfection a part of your skin’s fitness regimen. We promise that, in no time, you’ll be a ‘glowing from within’ masterpiece.