ThermiTight is an in-office, minimally invasive procedure performed by Dr. Durboraw which is used when skin laxity of the lower face or neck is too excessive for satisfactory Ultherapy results and the patient is not desiring or not a good candidate for a facelift

ThermiTight works by using a small electrode inserted under the skin (under local anesthesia) to heat tissue to a specific therapeutic temperature to induce maximum tissue tightening and collagen remodeling. ThermiTight can also simultaneously address excessive fat accumulation under the chin. The procedure takes about an hour and after local anesthesia is delivered to the treated areas the patient will feel no discomfort during the session. There is some “downtime” after the procedure which is mainly associated with some facial or neck swelling and bruising. The majority of the swelling resolves within three to five days but your face may appear mildly puffy for up to three weeks. Post-procedure discomfort is minimal and does not require prescription medications. Results from ThermiTight progress over six months but often within 8 weeks there is a very noticeable and pleasant improvement in the contour of your neck and appearance of your jawline. During your consultation with one of our board certified providers we can discuss whether ThermiTight is the right approach for your condition.