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Introducing The Evernal Series. Remarkable age-defying innovation, only from CFA.

Catherine Durboraw MD had a mission to create the most unique and highly effective way to take control of aging in the industry. The CFA Evernal Series is the exciting result.

It’s a powerful rejuvenating arsenal, unlike anything else available. Our proprietary series of treatments refreshes, lifts and restores – bringing remarkable age-reversing benefits without the need for unnatural and invasive surgery. You’ll experience natural looking, supercharged results over time.

CFA’s Evernal Series’ triple threat to aging is so powerful, you’ll think you’re aging in reverse.
Until now, there wasn’t a way to lift and tighten the face and neck without going under the knife. But our newest technology along with CFA’s innovative approach has changed that. Our unique protocols work to revive your youthful beauty at any age. We aren’t exaggerating to say this will reshape your face to the one that you remember seeing in the mirror when you were younger.

CFA’s Evernal Series is maximum age-defiance from a minimally invasive approach.
There’ve been incredible advances in aesthetic medical technology as well as deepening understanding of what actually happens in the aging process over the past decade. Today’s regenerative medicine is mind boggling – what we can’t prevent, we can regenerate. At CFA, we study medical advances, seek out the best, most advanced science and then develop our own protocols, blending technologies to make them work harder than they ever could on their own.

This Series takes on aging at every layer of your facial plane.
Because every face is different, and each of us ages differently, we develop a customized plan just for you – targeting each plane of your individual face to tailor the treatments that will work best for you. We consider your age, your unique aging concerns, and the natural beauty and structure of your face to determine the game plan for you. No cookie cutter approaches here – just a detailed and artful eye for the best way to refresh and magnify your individual beauty.

The Evernal Series is the most progressive de-aging approach available, and you can’t get it anywhere else.

The Trio:

+ Complexion Perfection
A combo of the resurfacing Clear + Brilliant laser and the skin polishing HydraFacial, and when necessary for advanced solar damage – Fraxel Laser Resurfacing to restore health to your skin. Complexion Perfection removes the skin’s outer, unhealthy, sun damaged layer. You get refreshed, youthful skin that’s so smooth and healthy, it just glows.

+ The CFA Trifecta
A truly amazing non-surgical “face lift”. It combines three revolutionary tools – Ultherapy, Vivace and PRP. With our unique CFA protocol, the results are positively supercharged. Our CFA Trifecta puts you on the fast track to naturally de-aging – giving immediate results that get better and better over 4 to 6 months.

+ Face Forward
Our newest treatment remodels and rebuilds your face’s foundation – restoring forward facial projection and youthful proportion to your contours, creating natural beauty at any angle. Surgery can’t do this. Face Forward addresses the foundation itself, instead of just re-draping skin over the weakened architecture.

The Evernal Series will change how you see aging. There’s nothing else like it. And it’s only at CFA. We can’t wait for you to experience it!

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