PRP, Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Regenerative Medicine/PRP

“Regenerative Medicine is the Future of What We Will Do” – Dr. Catherine Durboraw


The most exciting realm of Aesthetic Medicine is the blending of it with a new field of science called “Regenerative Medicine”, which uses our own bodies healing ability to reverse the signs of aging. Dr. Durboraw is among the early adopters in the United States of this science, using her own innovative protocols to enhance the typical results seen with most technologies.

Regenerative Medicine in Aesthetics makes sense. Most of the treatments that we do to reverse the physical signs of aging in the face create controlled, intentional wounds to turn on cell production and tissue turnover. And this is where our platelet cells come into play. The platelet cell is like an ambulance service. When other cells are injured, they send out an SOS of sorts that makes the platelet cells “arrive at the scene”. When the platelets cells arrive at the damaged tissue they do something called “degranulate” which means they release packets of all sorts of growth factors and stimulators to induce the wound healing response.

Regenerative Medicine harvests the power of these platelets by concentrating them in the area of injury to heighten the healing response of the tissue. Dr. Durboraw likens it to adding rocket fuel to the process – creating a much more robust response to the treatment and ultimately a much faster and impressive result.

PRP Therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, is easy. It is as simple as a routine blood draw like you would have for a lab test. But the results can be truly astounding – delivering de-aging results that were not possible before.

We have only just begun to understand the power of our own healing as it relates to aging. You can be assured that the Center for Aesthetics will be in the lead position, nationally and internationally, as we take Aesthetic Medical Care to the next generation.