CFA Face Forward

Face Forward: Re-sculpt From the Inside Out

New studies reveal the dramatic change in our facial bone structure as we age.

This explains much about what we see on the surface as “shadows,” jowls and deepening lines of the face. The facial bone supports our soft tissue and as this bone recedes and changes our soft tissues lose support. Now you can re-sculpt your facial contours from the foundation forward.

As we age, we lose bone in our skeletal structure in the jawline, the cheekbones, the nose, the mouth region and the chin – the features that define you! Your profile and facial contours change shape, the nasal tip droops, and your midface loses forward projection, increasing the appearance of nasolabial folds and lines and wrinkles around your mouth.

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You might think a facelift is the answer – but it’s not.
A facelift is not only invasive, but it also doesn’t really address the problem of skeletal structural changes. It just pulls your skin tighter, re-draping it over the changing architecture of your face – often resulting in an overly pulled, unnatural look, especially when viewed from the side. That’s why CFA has pioneered an all new way to work at the deepest level – your face’s foundation.

Introducing CFA’s Face Forward. It remodels and rebuilds your foundation – restoring forward facial projection to your contours and the 180-degree structure of your youth.
This newest treatment protocol dramatically de-ages your face, restoring the appearance of a youthful jawline and high cheekbones, while lifting your nose and nasolabial folds. We strategically place dermal fillers in the exact location to balance those losses. So, instead of limiting fillers to plumping the skin in the ‘insulation layer,’ they now play a role in restoring the full 180-degree structure of your face.

Face Forward is CFA’s proprietary approach that works to restore projection to your face’s foundation in critical areas.
It works by placing soft tissue fillers in the deepest facial planes, to help your own soft tissue to project the way they once did when you were younger, reviving the shape of your youthful bone structure. There’s nothing else in our arsenal that works this way.

The perfect addition to The Evernal Series, Face Forward complements the other treatments, working down deep where we’ve never been able to achieve results, until now.