Center for Aesthetics was the first practice in our region to offer Ultherapy – a revolutionary treatment to remodel collagen in the deep tissue planes of the face. Ultherapy achieves non-surgical lifting and facial rejuvenation in a novel way which no other technology can deliver. Utilizing Ultrasound energy, Ultherapy targets the deep structural support planes of the face and places small thermal coagulation points in this tissue, resulting in collagen contracture and new collagen fiber formation. The result is gradual and natural “de-aging” of the sagging midface and neck over six months following the single session.  

Dr. Durboraw is nationally recognized as an innovator in Ultherapy technique and has been an Ultherapy lecturer at national meetings. Your treatment will be performed only by a board certified medical provider who has trained extensively with Dr. Durboraw on her technique for delivering maximum benefit with each session. Typically one full session will be performed followed by small follow up sessions every 6-8 months to maintain the stimulatory effect of new collagen fiber formation. Treatments take 30-45 minutes and have some slight but very tolerable discomfort. There is typically no downtime although bruising can result and may appear a few days after the treatment. The results will gradually appear over the first two to three months as your collagen tissue tightens and lifts.