Women are often hesitant to discuss such intimate aging problems as vaginal laxity or stress incontinence with their providers. At the Center for Aesthetics, we encourage you to freely ask us about treatment alternatives for these sensitive subjects because the great news is that non- surgical options exist and can be very effective at improving vaginal tightness and sensation, increasing mucus production for more comfortable sexual activity and reducing episodes of embarrassing stress incontinence. Many of our employees at Center for Aesthetics, including Dr. Durboraw, have undergone these treatments for their own personal issues and will be happy to discuss their results with you.  

ThermiVa is an in office treatment requiring no sedation which applies radiofrequency energy to gently heat selected tissue sites, including vaginal anatomy, to rejuvenate collagen. Only a female board certified experienced medical provider will perform your treatment. Three to four monthly session are necessary for an optimal result and we recommend a single session on an annual basis for maintenance. A recent gynecological exam and normal pap smear is required prior to initiating treatments.