by Catherine Durboraw, M.D.


Hello Beautiful!

As summer is only a few months away, I can’t help thinking about how good it will feel to shed the winter layers and dip my toes in the water again. But, for me, imagining summer fun is followed quickly by thoughts of full body grooming!

Did you know the human body has 5,000,000 hair follicles? That doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true. And, during our lifetime, we spend a full 72 days on hair removal. That’s equal to 10 weeks of vacation. Or binge watching 22 Netflix series. Amazing.

Man (and woman) vs. hair

Battling those 5 million follicles goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and Rome when women and men used the first razors, made of copper, to remove body hair as early as 3000 BCE. The Renaissance brought Michelangelo’s perfect specimen David, who certainly didn’t have a hairy back!

Fast forward to the early 1900’s, when rising hemlines and sleeveless garments made hair removal a heightened obsession. WWII brought a shortage of nylons, the 40’s saw the birth of the bikini and the 60’s marked a newfound love of the mini-skirt – these all encouraged pursuit of a more hairless ideal.

The struggle is real

Early ads for hair removal “technology” reveal some pretty primitive tools. Boy, are we happy times have changed, and things have evolved a wee bit!

old razor-laser hair removal idaho falls-CFA Beauty-Center for Aesthetics

(Women’s Museum of California)








Pop culture is always reminding us just how difficult it is to keep up with our prolific hair follicles. Here’s Sex and the City’s Samantha with some candid thoughts about Miranda’s overgrown “situation.”


guy screaming-male laser hair removal idaho falls-CFA Beauty-Center for Aesthetics


Men, too, have suffered their share of trauma

And, Grace, on Will & Grace, famously prefers a Belgian wax to the Brazilian – the Belgian is “a wax that hurts so much, you treat yourself to a waffle afterwards.”

Great news, there is a solution! We have a whole new way to get the freedom of hair-free – and no longer does it need to be painful or time consuming. (But you can still treat yourself to a waffle. We don’t judge.)



Splendor X is truly Splendorific

I’m pretty excited to share the news of our latest technology at CFA. As you know, we scour the beauty and aesthetics world to bring you the latest and greatest, and this is a revolutionary laser hair removal tool that really delivers. It’s the fastest way to smooth, sleek skin with permanent results.

What’s different: it’s got the largest spot size available – so it’s the fastest laser out there. It also gives you more coverage and more complete treatment with fewer sessions and less need for retouching. This saves money and time, so you’ll be beach ready before you know it.

The other big benefit: Splendor X is powerful, yet gentle. Unlike older lasers, which can be rough on some skin types, Splendor X combines two wavelengths to treat virtually any skin tone safely and effectively. For the first time, we can customize the blend based on your unique skin type, hair color and thickness. We know, in particular, Latino and African American skin needs a gentle touch from powerful lasers, so Splendor X is the ideal choice.


Watch Splendor X in action

We put it to the test in our offices on the toughest of hair challenges – the hairy back! Note how the larger spot size covers more territory faster, and how easy it really is.

CFA is the first in the region to bring you this technology

Our mission is to find and bring you the best technology first. Stuff we want for ourselves and know you’ll love too. We ditched every other laser hair treatment in our offices because this one really works. Best of all, many of our clients have noted they’re surprised by how reasonable our packages are.

Beauty experts are loving Splendor X as much as we are

Check out what Huda Kattan, the beauty maven named one of “The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet” by Time magazine has to say about Splendor X.


You may be asking, but what about this new Januhairy idea that showed up in People, on The Today Show and other media last month.  Just like Movember for men, it’s a social movement encouraging women to grow out their hair for a good cause, in this case, to support the UK body-positive organization, Body Gossip, which empowers everybody to be the best version of themselves through arts and education. 

Here’s the deal. We love nothing more than women being the very best version of themselves. We fully support giving generously to causes that build women’s self-esteem. And if for you, that means making a hair-raising statement, we’re all for it!

But for us, we say there’s nary a chance that we’ll be going full Januhairy! (Or Februhairy) Because we LOVE how good being smooth and sleek and hair-free feels. Best not to argue with Cleopatra, and all the wise women and men since.

Come on in for a consultation, and we’ll decide together if Splendor X is the right choice to help prep you for a fabulously free and breezy summer. We hope to see you soon!