Face And Body Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal was the first laser treatment offered by the Center for Aesthetics back in 1999. The truth of the matter is that there were some self-centered reasons, as Dr. Durboraw was HAIRY! Although we have gone through three lasers over the years, we continue to offer the same proven technology using the GentleLASE system. GentleLASE offers safe, permanent, fast and cost-efficient treatments for body or facial hair. The system produces a laser from an alexandrite crystal to heat the hair from the inside, destroying the follicle where the hair grew. Laser hair emoval (of any type) is limited to treating pigmented hair. White, blond or very light red hair is not treatable. Pigmentation in the skin is also a consideration—tanned skin increases the likelihood of reactivity, so no tanning is allowed for two weeks prior to each session. If you have naturally pigmented skin, we will target a test spot before treatment to ensure safety for your skin type. The laser will only treat active hair follicles that are currently producing hair. Most people also have dormant hair follicles, which are not treatable until they become active and start producing a hair. As a result, several sessions will be required to fully treat any area of unwanted hair growth. The number of session varies based on many factors such as location, density of hair to begin with, and hormonal influence.  

At the Center for Aesthetics, we are proud to be one of the most affordable practices to offer Laser Hair Removal. Our Laser Hair Removal Club is a 12 month membership with several different packages to accommodate your needs. Package plans begin at just $25/month.