Soft Tissue Fillers

At the Center for Aesthetics, we offer a variety of soft tissue fillers with the most sophisticated techniques to naturally restore lost volume to your face or to enhance facial features. Our providers choose to use only the safest soft tissue fillers, either hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite, to deliver predictable and long-lasting correction. Soft tissue filler placement requires great knowledge of facial proportion and harmony and our providers regularly attend The Aesthetic Medicine World Congress in Monte Carlo, Monaco – considered the gold standard conference for soft tissue filler education – to ensure our techniques and facial evaluation set the standard on a global scale.  

Soft tissue filler treatments are an easy, comfortable in office treatments. Results last from six to eighteen months depending on the product used. Bruising and swelling after the treatment may occur and we recommend you choose the appropriate time to have these treatments to avoid interfering with important social events. Our experienced board certified providers will be able to assist you in deciding which product fits your needs best.