06 Apr, 2018

Platelet-Rich Plasma


Facts vs Myths
Facts vs Myths

It’s trendy….. All of the celebrities are doing it. Everyone’s doing it….
So what are PRP and Vampire (or Vampyre if you are super cool) facials? Is it worth it? Does it work? And if so… HOW???

It turns out there is a lot of science about PRP and unfortunately a lot of misinformation as well. First, we’ll sort out the facts from the magic.

Platelets are the natural healing cell in our body – coming to the rescue when other cells are injured.
Platelets release over 30 known growth factors to trigger your body’s healing response.
PRP is “platelet-rich plasma” meaning your own blood is collected and the platelets are isolated from
the remainder of the blood cells.
The platelet concentration in PRP is about 3-5 times what would be normally found in your blood.
PRP therapy has been around since the 1970’s but renewed interest since the early 2000’s has led to a
considerable amount of research.
Orthopedic and sports rehab docs have been restoring joint health with PRP for over a decade. Even vets use it for competitive sports animals like horse racing.


Now that you understand the science of PRP, let’s talk about it’s use in anti-aging.


Although the jury is still out about just how useful PRP is in aesthetic medicine, combining it with many types of aesthetic treatments makes sense. WHY?



    • Many anti-aging treatments involve controlled injury to specific tissue planes to induce a healing response.
    • And HOW strongly you respond to that injury will determine how much beneficial change you will see.
    • Concentrating the cells which naturally trigger that response in the treated areas (i.e. administering PRP) should be beneficial.


And this is where it starts to get complicated…
BECAUSE… In our opinion here at CFA, most practices doing PRP in the US are doing it wrong.

The best analogy we can make is…This ain’t no DRIVE BY – We need to HANG OUT!

PRP isn’t instant acting. It takes time for all of the beneficial peptides to be released. And therefore…


Just applying PRP to the surface of your skin once is going to have little if ANY effect – and this is the way most practices do it here in the US.


At CFA – We do things differently

Without giving away our secrets – we ensure that the PRP “hangs out” with your injured cells long enough to get ALL of the benefits of your combined treatment. Let’s uncover the myths.

It will not act like a dermal filler.
It will NOT change facial volume. (unless you combine it with filler – which some practices do to make it LOOK like it is doing this.)


It WON’T give you an “instant glow”…
…unless it is because someone put it on your skin like a mask and in that case it sure was a very expensive application of brightening serum.
In fact, it isn’t an instantaneous treatment of ANY sort. The results from PRP take weeks to months to appreciate.


Oh… and it won’t “break the internet” either. (Guys – this is just plain gross!)


What it will do…


PRP will give many of our anti-aging procedures your own natural rocket fuel to launch YOU into an anti-
aging orbit.
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