Plastic Surgery

CFA Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a highly personal choice — everyone who considers it has their own unique
reasons. Some are looking for a mommy makeover or tummy tuck, some want a face lift to
restore their more youthful jawline and others want to feel more breast and body confident.
Others choose reconstructive surgery for congenital or development reasons or as part of their
journey of recovery from trauma or disease.

There are probably a number of questions, even concerns, that you’ll have as you contemplate
surgery. We want you to feel safe and comfortable to ask us anything. You will guide the
conversation and you decide what we address; we never make judgments, only
recommendations, based on your concerns.

The media has brought our attention to the truly unfortunate stories of botched plastic surgery in
the hands of unqualified physicians who aren’t trained properly or certified to perform the
procedures they do. You should only trust your face, body and welfare to a board-certified
doctor you get to know and respect.

At CFA, our board-certified women physicians have achieved the highest standards of training,
knowledge and expertise, as determined by a process of peer review and standardized
examination and certification. This way, we make sure you have a positive experience,
minimizing any chance of complications from surgery or during recovery and achieving the
results you want in the safest possible way.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an incredibly powerful and effective way to enhance and refine aspects of
your appearance: to address what makes you feel less confident or to bring a more youthful
look. The CFA cosmetic surgery services cover; face, neck breasts, eyelids, tummy and more. […see more]

Reconstructive Surgery

We understand reconstructive surgery is often part of a complicated, emotional, yet often
cathartic and positive, part of your journey. Services include breast, eyelid and skin cancer treatment. […see more]