Julie Heier, PA-C

Julie Heier, PA-C has been practicing dermatology and cosmetic procedures since 2013, with specializations in dermatology and aesthetics. She performs full skin examinations, diagnoses and treats skin cancer and common skin growths, excessive sweating, hair loss, acne, eczema, dandruff, and cosmetic concerns. Julie's goal is to help patients obtain and maintain healthy skin and meet their cosmetic goals in a caring, compassionate environment. Patients have come to recognize her gentle touch and striving for perfection.

Undergraduate Training, PA-C School and Mentoring
Julie obtained a bachelor's degree in Radiographic Science in 2001 and worked in Interventional Radiology. She then became a board certified and licensed PA-C in 2010 after graduating from the Masters of Physician Assistant Studies program at Idaho State University. After working in urgent care for several years, Julie found her passion in dermatology and aesthetics in 2013. Julie trained under Catherine Durboraw, MD learning the Center for Aesthetics' unique brand of Aesthetic Medical procedures, and now brings her valuable knowledge and experience to the Center for Aesthetics. She also assists in the operating room with Dr. Durboraw and Dr. Cooper.

Professional Organizations
Julie is a member of the Society of Dermatology of Physician Assistants and stays current in dermatology and aesthetics through Continuing Medical Education programs as well as attending the Aesthetic and Medical Dermatology Symposia and other conferences specializing in dermatology and aesthetics.

Julie was born and raised in Southeast Idaho. She enjoys running, biking, skiing, participating in triathlons, and exploring Idaho with her children.

Julie Heier, PA-C
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