Thigh Lift

In cases where diet and exercise have not delivered the firmer, more youthful body you are looking for, a thigh lift can provide lasting results. Thigh lifts improve the appearance of the thighs by excess skin and possibly even fat, depending on your individual circumstances. Treatment is performed under general anesthesia, and incisions are made along the groin and/or the outside of the leg. Excess thigh skin is adjusted and the underlying tissue is tightened.  

While a thigh lift is not designed specifically to reduce fat, it may come as an additional result. Thigh lifts and Liposuction are commonly performed together when the goal is to achieve more dramatic results. Our experienced team of surgeons is available for consultation to help you decide which treatment will give you ideal results. You can also expect individualized assistance pre- and post-treatment so you have the best recovery experience possible.  

CFA’s all-female plastic surgeon are double board certified in both Surgery and Plastic Surgery, specializing in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. During your consultation, your doctor will fully assess your specific needs as well as ascertain what your desired shape and size is. She has the advantage of being able to offer you not only a professional opinion but also a woman’s perspective on size and shape and what will look best for your body contour. A wide variety of treatment options and styles exist, and our doctors will educate you fully on these considerations during your consultation.