Cosmetic Surgery

CFA Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an incredibly powerful and effective way to enhance and refine aspects of
your appearance: to address what makes you feel less confident or to bring a more youthful
look. Today there are incredibly safe and effective procedures that can rejuvenate and refine
your facial features and contours, improve body shape and proportions and change your breast
size and shape through implants, enhancement or reduction.

Some patients have expressed a fear that they will come away from a cosmetic surgery
consultation feeling pressured to do more than they want or need. At CFA, we only want to
serve YOU in the safest and most effective way. Sometimes more invasive surgery won’t even
be the answer. We care about building an open, two-way relationship with you. We’ll take the
time to really see and understand you as we decide together on the way forward.

Others worry about being overdone – or looking like they’ve had ‘work done’ – trust us, at CFA
we believe duck lips are best found on ducks! We believe women (and men) have a natural
beauty that’s unique to them and them alone. We seek to magnify your own beauty, so it shines
through vs. trying to create someone else’s vision for you.

When you come to CFA as a prospective surgery patient, as a first step, we’ll get to know you,
and your cosmetic concerns, hopes and dreams. In our first consultation, we’ll hear what you’re
hoping to accomplish through surgery and will discuss with you the best ways to achieve it. In
some cases, we might recommend a treatment plan that also includes some highly effective
non-invasive procedures that complement the surgical options.

We believe it’s important to decide on surgery for yourself – not to please someone else or to
achieve some ideal image. Together, we will talk about the possibilities, with positive yet
realistic expectations. From the first day we meet, to the final follow-up care, our top priority will be to understand you as a person and as a patient, as we work together to fulfill your goals.

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