Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

Fraxel is a revolutionary fractional laser treatment which sets the standard in restoring skin health which leaves your skin looking younger and radiant. Fraxel treatments gently resurface your skin – stimulating new collagen growth beneath the skin’s surface to address fine lines and wrinkles, surface scarring, age spots and other pigmentation, sun damage, and even some pre- cancerous skin conditions.  

The Center for Aesthetics has been using Fraxel treatments since it was first introduced a decade ago and our providers have vast experience in effective and safe delivery of Fraxel treatments. Fraxel often requires some “soft downtime” of a week to ten days – meaning some swelling and chapping to the skin is expected and may disrupt your social schedule, although most patients find running errands, working and other routine activities fine. Only board certified providers will perform your Fraxel treatment and your appointment will be about two hours (although the majority of this time is spent with topical anesthesia application). The treatment is comfortable with topical anesthesia and your skin will be immediately be pink similar to a sunburn and may feel like a sunburn for about 3 hours following the session. The pinkness fades over the first 48 hours but swelling may be more evident the day following the session. Your skin will begin to look “wind-chapped” and feel rough like fine sandpaper by about day three. Within seven to ten days your skin will not only return to normal, but also appear much healthier. And unlike many invasive procedures that may leave you with a drastically different appearance, Fraxel will leave your skin looking natural - just younger.

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At The Center for Aesthetics, our mission is to provide the most technologically-advanced services safely and with compassion for our patients. We believe in every service we perform because we are patients as well – our staff takes pride in experiencing what each service can do for our own aging issues.

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