Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction is a common procedure that can improve your appearance as well as offering health benefits. Whether your goal is to lift and even the appearance of your breasts, balance your figure, or you are experiencing physical discomfort due to the size of your breasts, the Center for Aesthetics is here to help.  

You are likely to be a good candidate for breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, if you experience negative effects due to breast size. After breast reduction, your breasts will be firmer and better proportioned to your body size, and you may find that clothes fit better and shopping is easier. Neck, back, and shoulder pain from excessive breast size will be relieved, and you may find it easier to breathe and exercise properly as well. Dr. Laura Cooper is a female plastic surgeon who is double board certified in both Surgery and Plastic Surgery. Dr. Cooper specializes in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery and has vast surgical experience. During your consultation, Dr. Cooper will fully assess your specific needs as well as ascertain what is your desired shape and size. She has the advantage of being able to offer you not only a professional opinion, but also a woman’s perspective on size and shape and what will look best for your body contour. A wide variety treatment options and styles exist, and Dr. Cooper will educate you fully on these considerations during your consultation.