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Over the past decade, technological advances have given us the tools to truly age gracefully. Dr. Durboraw has dedicated her career to developing treatments that incorporate new technology,giving us the ability to stave off the aging process. At the Center for Aesthetics, we understand that each individual has their own definition of “aging gracefully” and has their own opinions about the aging process. We respect patients who wish to “let it happen” just as much as those who would rather “fight it every step,” and make no judgements regarding either. However, if you feel that you fall in the latter category more than the former, the earlier you start the better.

I’m in my 20’s…..
In your 20’s your body is still rapidly producing collagen fibers and your skin cellular turnover is good. Prevention is easy at this age. The importance of clinically-proven topical therapy, or medical grade skin care, cannot be overstated! Although you don’t need anything too intensive at this point, it is wise to get started with some basics to keep your skin healthy. If you haven’t figured out yet that sun exposure is detrimental to the aging process, this is the time to get on the wagon! Suntanning, either in suntan booths or on the beach, will markedly accelerate your aging process and lead to lifelong battles with issues like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and skin cancer. Daily use of sunscreen as part of your regimen is essential. If you wear makeup, you can use products which contain sunscreen to save yourself a step. You may be suffering from acne or early hyperpigmentation (brown spots). Getting these issues under control is important, and can often be achieved with topicals alone. Rarely will the Center for Aesthetics recommend any laser therapy at your age, as over-aggressive laser therapy early in life can trade short term improvement for long term exacerbation of conditions like hyperpigmentation. If you are beginning to develop frown or forehead lines, neurotoxin treatments with Botox or Dysport may also be recommended. Early treatment in these areas helps to preserve your brow position, protecting you from future eyelid hooding. HYDRAFACIALS are a great periodic treatment at this age to cleanse your skin and keep the epidermis buffed. soft tissue fillers for lip augmentation or cheek augmentation may be used as a tool to accentuate your features, rather than to prevent aging. Hereditary features like heavy chins or unwanted body fat may be addressed at this time as well. Laser Hair Removal can permanently treat unwanted body and facial hair.

I’m in my 30’s…..
While our recommendations stay the same at the beginning of this decade, we strongly recommend the addition of collagen stimulating topical therapy because natural collagen formation ceases in your early thirties. Boosting your declining natural collagen formation now will prevent a myriad of future issues.

To keep your complexion radiant and deal with early skin laxity, we may suggest gentle resurfacing methods such as CLEAR & BRILLIANT lasers in the mid 30’s and ULTHERAPY treatment in the late 30’s.

If you haven’t started neurtoxin treatments, particularly for the frown line, now is the time to consider doing so. Neurotoxin treatments, which temporarily weaken the brow depressor muscles (frown lines), will slow the descent of brows over time and prevent heavy eyelids which could require blepharoplasty surgery to fix.

soft tissue fillers may be used in your 30’s not only to enhance your natural features, but also to restore subtle volume loss from the mid face which may be accentuating the appearance of your tear trough.

I’m in my 40’s….
This is the decade to start paying attention to the subtle early signs of aging. Often the first half of this decade quite forgiving, but during the latter half of your 40’s the aging process accelerates. While some people require mammography earlier than 40, if you haven’t had a mammogram by this time you should schedule one in addition to your ULTHERAPY. Sometimes a partial ULTHERAPY treatment may be sufficient at this age, but it is worth maintaining deep facial support. If you haven’t started on appropriate topical therapy, it is now critical to maintain the health of your skin and to target particularly susceptible areas as lower eyelid skin. As the peri-menopausal years approach (45-55), women often notice changes in their body fat distribution despite continuing to exercise and eat well. The midriff region is most commonly affect, but Coolsculpting and Sculpsure can be very effective at controlling unwanted “hormonal fat”. You may also begin to notice knee wrinkles as the texture and appearance of your body skin changes, and early intervention with Thermismooth may prevent these issues from worsening.

I’m in my 50’s….
By the time you reach your 50’s, aging signs are often apparent. While some patients hope to avoid any intervention for a few more years, and may even look great for their age, this is when intervention becomes necessary in order to maintain your great appearance. The 50’s is often the decade when your appearance changes from middle aged to elderly. All of the technology at the Center for Aesthetics may be recommended, depending upon your particular needs.

At the Center for Aesthetics, the bottom line is that we strive to be your personal guides throughout the years, counseling you on the best approaches to address your particular concerns. We pride ourselves on our customized services, and we pledge not to “sell” you any treatments just because we own the technology. Due to our business practices, the Center for Aesthetics has cultivated lifelong relationships with many of our patients over the years. We hope we can create that with you as well.

Dr. Durboraw always reminds our staff that the Center for Aesthetics could own any technology we chose. If we have it, there is a good reason we do; if we don’t have it, there is a good reason we don’t. Her litmus test when evaluating new technology is whether she would be willing to have it done to her own face or body. If she can’t readily say yes, usually because of safety or potential long-term issues, she won’t incorporate it into the Center for Aesthetics offerings.

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